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Size:8’6″ x 20′

1. Safe garage floor Highly absorbent materials can prevent the spillage of pollutants such as automobile sludge. The waterproof backing prevents liquids from penetrating and preventing liquids from damaging or contaminating the underlying surface. Please keep the floor clean. 2. Easy to make use of and store Lightweight felt material may also be installed quickly and may also be installed in only some minutes. First cut the mat to fit the size of the floor, then unfold and glue it to the edge. 3. Diversity The mat can be utilized not only as a garage mat, but also as a car repair mat. The soft felt surface provides good cushioning for the back and knees, in order that they are able to lie flat or kneel at the floor. It can be used as a barbecue mat or a smoker mat, or a home kitchen mat. 4. Some great benefits of our absorbent cushion Our cushions not only be able to quickly absorb and prevent liquid leakage, but also have durability and tear resistance. Our cushions are also easy to store and carry because they’re lightweight and foldable, so they are able to be folded and placed in the trunk of the car even if going out. Moreover, our mat has many properties, is very practical, and may also be reused again and again.

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Absorbent material: This material can absorb any liquid, and can prevent the overflow of pollutants such as sludge on car tires. The waterproof backing prevents liquids from penetrating, preventing liquids from damaging or soiling the underlying surface, and preventing the mat from moving.
Easy to make use of and store: The mat may also be folded. When you wish to have to make use of it, you only wish to slowly open the mat in the garage, and then stick the edge of the mat with double-sided adhesive. When not in use, you’ll fold it for storage. (The mat could also be wrinkled in the beginning, but over the years, the wrinkles will step by step disappear).
Durability: Our cushions are basically made of compact felt environmentally friendly materials. And our mats are very durable, may also be reused again and again, and are tear-resistant.
Easy to clean: When there are contaminants such as sludge at the surface, you’ll use a water pipe to in an instant wash off the contaminants, or use a vacuum cleaner to soak up light contaminants.
Variety: Our mats can be utilized not only in garages to give protection to the floor, but also in car trunks, cabinets, and so on. When the car must be repaired, we will be able to also put the mat at the floor and use it when needed. Repair the car whilst lying down. Very practical